Thursday, July 30, 2009

My visitors.....

Janelle, Tony, Mari, Jay, Sebastian and Liliana came to visit and they just left from their visit to Italy. I can't believe how much I miss Nell already! She had a trip planned to Germany for the longest time and when she found out we were moving to Italy she made time in her plans to come see us! I wasn't sure 3 days was going to be long enough to do much but we got to do everything that was on the list to do and had plenty of down time too! We were always home in time to relax before making dinner so it really was an easy 3 days! I tell you what though, I'm so glad we decided to stop after three kids! Having 5 of them all under the age of 4 was quite loud and never a dull moment!

Our first outing was just here around Vicenza. We have been down there before but it was more or less just around the Piazza. When we were down there, there was a market going on so it was a lot to have the three kids with all the people. With Janelle and the crew we just walked around everywhere. We got a little lost, the map didn't really seem to help because it's almost impossible to read a map when you don't know where you are to start! I didn't mind not knowing where we were, I've always been the kind that likes to get lost! We took a picnic lunch with us to save a little money. My Picnic Basket is going to get a good workout the next couple days! lol....hope it holds up!

Our second day we went to Verona. I love Verona. No matter how many times I've been there (so far 4) I get to see new things each time! It's possible that I've seen it all now but I don't really care. I'll go there again and again! We parked along the river and got some cute pictures of Nell and Tony. We went to the maze, walked to the center of town, shopped at a couple little stores, walked through a museum/castle, rubbed Juliet's boob and again had a picnic lunch.

The last day they were here we took them to Venice. You can't come see us and NOT go to Venice! We walked everywhere we could and only got on the water taxi to get to the place we wanted to start, to go to the other island and then finally to head back to the van. I'm not sure how many bridges we crossed but I'd have to say it was at least 25! It seemed like we would walk a block or two and cross a bridge then do the same thing over and over again! We didn't take a picnic lunch this time. Everyone wanted to experience the "Italian" food. Janelle didn't like it at all, Tony ate his and Janelles and Jay and Mari both ate their fish so it must have been good. I had Pizza, not that good but ate it all anyways.

When we took everyone to the airport the kids did really good. I thought they'd be crying and then Nell would cry then I would cry but it didn't happen like that at all. Earlier that day Bella cried because Aunt Neo was leaving and she was "really gonna miss her". I think Nell might have got teary when Bella was saying that because I know I did so maybe she got it all out earlier that day. We also told her that Nell might come back with Max and Tenn so that too was a big help! She keeps asking me when they will be back. LOL, kids!

Now that they are all gone I have been sleeping ALOT and mopping around the house because now I have no one but the kids again! Seems to be like that alot around here. I wish they could have stayed longer but I'm really glad they get to experience Germany. It's incredible up there! The next family that is supposed to visit would be....hum....maybe D and Michell! Wish Mom could be here but all in good time her and Ron will be!

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