Sunday, October 3, 2010

Catching Up...

So I knew we haven't really seen much since Brandon has been gone and just going through my pictures I was so right! We have been to two places here in Italy that are worth blogging about and other then that Greece is the only other thing left to blog (and I have to wait on that until I get my pictures from Brandon's computer since mine crashed and I lost them all). So the two places I need to blog about are Lago di Caldonazzo and Salo.
First is Lago di Caldonazzo, or more precisely Lido Brento (Brento beach at Lake Caldonazzo). Finding this place was like every other place I have seen lately. I just open a map and look for something that sticks out and that's where I program my GPS. I wanted to go to a lake this time but didn't want to go to Lake Garda since we go there all the time anyways so looking at the map this was the best one that was close enough to drive to and still be home in time for dinner. Once we finally got there, all on back roads so it seemed to take forever, I couldn't believe how incredibly beautiful it was.

I've seen places like this in books or magazines but have never actually seen it until today. It really was breath taking seeing a lake surrounded by large hills. It was a bit windy the day we went but it was still so very worth the trip.

The kids had a blast playing in the water and I just enjoyed my time on the blanket taking pictures and watching them. This is definitely a place we will have to go next summer when it's a bit warmer and I have another pair of eyes to watch the three kids.

And now for the most recent find. I took a friend and her two kids with me on our outing this day. Her husband is also with mine so it was nice to have another adult to talk to on the trip. We opened the map and pointed to a spot on Lake Garda called Salo, Italy. It turned out to be the most wonderful place I had seen in a while. They had a board walk that went almost the entire way around the shore line and had breath taking views as well. There were benches to sit and rest and large rocks to climb on and take pictures.

We even found the perfect swimming area for the kids. It's not too deep and it's an inlet so the kids can't very well run off without us knowing.
The creepiest thing I had seen on this trip was a toilet drawn on a creepy door that looked like a dungeon. Thankfully it was locked because my friend was actually going to take her daughter in there to go potty. Not me, no sir, you would NOT find me in there!!! lol
Again, we will be going here next summer. I think it will be better going to this place with the kids then going to our normal spot at Sirimione but we'll see. It will depend on what the hubby wants to do as well since he will be home too!

So those are my two lake adventures that I took this summer. It was all new to me so it was quite nice. I like getting out and seeing new things in case you haven't noticed :) I love adventure and there will be more to come......

Photo Taking

Wow, it's been since December 2009 that I last posted something on here. I often come back and find myself looking at all the thing I have posted about and man there is so much I have left out! The main one I will have to blog about is our trip to Greece for R&R this time around and one of Mom and Ron's visit to see us. I know, I can't believe they came either :) So happy they did!!!

So this post is going to be about my picture taking and a new photo editing thing I have found that does everything I have ever wanted a photo editing program to do, and it's easy :)
This is the first picture I ever edited the exact way I wanted it! It's from my garden in the back yard and just turned out perfect! A little zooming, croping, sepia-ing, removing color, putting in color, and smoothing out the petals is all it took! I love it!
Johnny Blayze, Love the little boys blue eyes and that tongue! He's so adorable!!!
Stop and smell the roses, oh wait, that's a poppy! Love the picture of my IzaBella acting like a little princess. She's got it down perfect!

While my Mom and Ron were here we went to a whinery in Vo, Italy and had some wine along with a tour of their grounds. We made a toast and this is what mom said and it's just stuck with me since then. Thanks mom for the may words of wisdom over the years. I'll be sure to pass them along to my kids!
This one is of grapes at the winery in Vo. Another great picture!

This one doesn't need any explination......

Villa Contarini....not sure where exactly this place was but it was incredible! The little canal in front of it just made it look that much more exquisit.

Ah, the boy. My handsome little Benjamin Blade who isn't very little any more. Amazing how fast they grow up and he just keeps getting more handsome every day!

Using the "spooky" effect on my editing of this creepy door up at the Piazza Della Vitoria here in Vicenza, Italy. It's georgeous up there! A great place to take some coffee and a book in the early morning!
This was my latest picture, at the Renissance Market in Thiene, Italy. They were posing for another person taking their picture so I thought I would get one too! Turned out great don't ya think?
So there ya go, a little bit about our summer in edited photos. I'm glad I have found my program and will be using it all the time from now on. Christmas pictures are going to look so much nicer this year even though we will be taking them ourselves. Now I can make them look good :) I'll try and do better at putting up more posts and getting all caught up on the cool happenings of here. (with Brandon gone there really hasn't been much more then work and our occasional trips away from the house) Once Brandon comes home there will be alot more!!!!!! Until next time :)