Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sad :(

Well, it's been a while, I'm guessing ya'll already knew I moved, yup, no longer Life in Italy! Do I miss it??? Every day! And looking at previous posts it makes me miss it that much more. I know there is a lot to do around here, things to see, places to go, that sort of stuff but we haven't had the chance to get out and do anything because of the new house, new job, tiny car, etc. It just doesn't seem to let up on the go, go, go around here. The hubby's new job is GREAT. It of course comes with it's down sides too but that's any job. The kids LOVE thier new school. They get on the bus at 650 am and don't get home until around 4pm. Seems like a whole lot of time away from mom (which I'm still trying to get used to). I still have the boy home with me every day so at least it is something to keep me busy. I'm thinking about getting a job, then thinking against it, then maybe I should, but no not right now. Needless to say my brain is non stop thinking! Our new house??? Oh My Gosh I LOVE IT! It is the best house ever! I couldn't imagine us getting a better house. It's huge, beautiful, has almost everything we were looking for, lots and lots of stuff to do with it. I LOVE IT! I think this weekend we are going to paint the kids' rooms, that should be something fun to do! We'll see how it goes. So that's us for now, a whole lot of everything but doing a whole lot of nothing. Maybe we will get out soon, maybe. If not, we'll be here if you need us!

PS did I mention I miss Italy????