Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lake Garda

Our newest adventure was to Lake Garda. We've been there before but I didn't take the camara for that trip and wasn't prepared at all for what it was like so this time I went prepared! I had the camara, swimsuits, towels, extra clothes, picnic basket with food, drinks, suntan lotion and bug spray! That about sums up the list anyways.

To get there it only takes about an hour and a half. Not too bad for a huge lake. You can rent speed boats for 100 Euro a day, jet skis, and paddle boats too. They even have boat cruises that take you from the southern tip of the Lake (where we were) to the northern shores. I'm not sure how much these are, haven't really asked because I'm not sure my kids would do very good at that! Maybe when they are a little older we'll check it out! Parking this time was horrible!!! Of course I had decided to go on an Italian Holiday so that made it much harder to find a spot. All in all we found one and ended up paying 8,80 Euro for 4 hours. Not too bad I guess. I think it was worth it! So to get to the lake we had to walk through the center of town. It has this incredible building that has these beautiful purple flowers on it. The first time we went the flowers were a deeper purple but they were still neat this time too!

At the lake you can rent Umbrella's with two chairs for 8 Euro for the day. We didn't get one this time, maybe next time when it's just us and the kids going.

Also in town there is a castle. You can take tours of the castle and stuff but it of course isn't stroller friendly. There is a museum in there as well. We'll check it out someday too!

I love Lake Garda because of the views all around where we go swimming. You can see the mountains and the water is such a pretty blue! It's of course full of Italians but I've noticed they don't really care much about us when we are there because they are usually there for the same reasons. To get away!

If any family comes to visit for a length of time during summer months, we'll have to go check it out. I met a guy that lived there in the winter time and he said it was a ghost town! I believe it!!! There isn't much around there to do when the lake is iced over!
Hopefully another post will be coming shortly, but it seems like with Brandon working all the time we don't go many places. I plan on going to check out the Alps before he deploys again so there should be at least one more post!!!! Until then......

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