Sunday, August 7, 2011

13 days

Can you believe it???? 13 days until my Life In Italy! blog is not going to mean as much. I'm going to have to start another one just to keep myself occupied. Maybe my next one should be ramblings that happen in my head. The stories, thoughts, lists, worries, etc. of my brain. Hum, that could be scary. We'll have to see....

Anyways, we've got 13 days until we fly out. I'm so very excited but so very sad at the same time. I'm going to miss Italy A LOT! Not so much the Italian people (most of them are rude anyways), not so much the gossip train that's here on Villagio (so glad I moved to my own little corner over a year ago and got away from a situation that could have cost us everything), not so much the exchange rate of the Euro (however I will miss the COLA a whole lot), gee, what else is left LOL. I'm going to miss the traveling, the sights and sounds of Italy, the joys of waking up one morning and getting in the car and getting lost on a road that we haven't taken before, the wonderful food and ice cream, the friends I have made whom I will remain friends with after I leave. But to all those things, I will have memories, photos, blogs and much more to look back on and remember all the wonderful times I've had here in Italy. My family and I have got to experience so much more in the past three years that no one I know has got to do. We have had the best vacations here (cruise to Greece, Croatia, Rome, Pisa, Volterra, Florance, Verona, Venice, Edelweiss Germany and so many more places)!

13, it's gonna fly by