Saturday, July 11, 2009

Block Leave Part 3

July 11

Ah I love block leave! They should have it all the time! Oh wait, we get it every year.....haha

So we decided to take the back way into Verona this time. We went through several small towns that had really cool stores. This antique store was really neat. We would have went in if we didn't have the kids with us. There is a ton of stuff in it and it's all close together and I just knew our kids would have touched everything.

Our first stop in Verona this trip was to the ruins that they turned into a theater. It cost us 10 euro for me, Brandon and Bella (Ben and Trin were free). They were setting up to have some type of performance but I'm not sure what it was. It was neat to walk all around the ruins and see all the marble statues. The kids had a blast just running around everywhere. Espically Ben. He's usually the one stuck in the stroller but because of all the stairs we decided to let him walk. And the views from up top were incredible. Verona is such a beautiful place. The river that goes through town helps with the beauty of it. And there aren't many "new" buildings or sky scrapers to take away from the "old" time of the town.

After the ruins we went to the Gardens. Talk about incredible statues and hedges. It was so green beautiful. The cost for the gardens was 6 euro each for me and Brandon so 12 euro together. I liked the Gardens better then the ruins only because I knew the kids weren't going to get hurt running all over the place.

Cypres Trees grew all over in the Garden area. This is the largest one and they had it tied down in several spots. It was huge! Makes a great shade tree for sitting and reading or relaxing! A lot of people will pay the money to get into the Gardens just to sit there and enjoy the peace and quiet. There were several people there with school books and mp3 players. Couples were also sitting around on the benches or laying together. It is so beautiful!

The kids' favorite part was towards the end. We went to the maze they had built out of hedges. It was fun watching them run around and try to make it to the end. Trinity and Ben made it along with Brandon and I but Bella didn't want it to end so she kept running the wrong ways! Benjamin thought it was a blast until he couldn't see anyone then he started to panic a little. After he realized that we weren't too far away he started running again. Out of all the things we have seen so far, this would have to be my favorite!

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  1. Sweet! That sounds like a lot of fun. Take me there when we come over. The kids would love to go again, I'm sure, and I would love to see it. There, there, take me there!!!