Sunday, July 19, 2009

Block Leave Part 6

On the whole trip, I'd have to say Pisa was my favorite! Did you know that the leaning tower was actually built as the Bell Tower to the cathedral that's in the back ground? Talk about a huge bell tower! There isn't much to see in Pisa, but just the taking funny pictures was a lot of fun. There were several people there taking all kinds of different pictures of the tower. Some were holding it up, some were pushing it over, some were "butt bumping" it, one was even acting like it was his penis! Talk about a funny picture. Brandon was going to do that one but decided to wait until the next time we go. This has to be one of the best ones we got!!!

After we went to Pisa we went to the American Beach, on the Mediterranean Sea!!! Why they call it the American beach I have no idea. There is no fence to close it off from all the other Italian beaches so everyone just walks everywhere they want to anyways.

The girls' favorite part was playing in the water. They also loved finding sea shells for Gammy and trying to build sand castles. The next time we go we are going to buy the castle buckets so Brandon can help them make a castle.

Benjamin like the beach a lot too. However, when he realized the bucket wouldn't fit all the way on his head, he got a little pissed....

Another mandatory stop was Volterra! If you have read the Twilight series you know what I'm talking about! Volterra is a town built inside two castles! It's incredible there! The views of the Tuscan country side are remarkable and everything is just so "Italy". Brandon says that when he thinks of Italy, he thinks of places like Volterra.

Now for those of you who have read the Twilight series, here is the clock tower where Edward tried to expose himself. I looked for the alley he was in and found one that would be right but of course the book had to add more to it to make it seem real. It was still awesome to be standing there though. lol....Also there's a picture of Jacob.....the werewolf. He was in the torture museum. We went through this museum just for the fun of it and there are several things in there that were just plain cruel!!! I'll put pictures on my myspace and facebook of some of them.
So this was our block leave in a nut shell. It was the most incredible 18 days we've spent in Italy so far. From part 1 to part 6 we've done so many things and have spent more money then we wanted to but it's all about having a good time! There is a ton more we want to do and we are definitely going back to Camp Darby when we have the chance. We want to spend more time down there, even if it is sleeping in a tent! Maybe next time we'll be able to go with some friends or something so it'll be even more fun!
I'm not sure when my next blog post will be because Brandon's got a lot going on up until September. But if I do get anywhere or learn anything new I'll be sure to post it for everyone to read.
Until our next adventure.....

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