Monday, July 25, 2011

A weekend of "not much"

Our weekend, we didn't do much. Can't believe how time is going by so fast and our time in Italy is coming to an end. First thing that happened, Bella lost another tooth :) She's getting so big!!!

Then we took all the paper off the old crayons (because we bought all new ones since we are moving) and broke them into little pieces and put them in our nifty crayon maker that my mom sent us! The kids LOVE this thing

Here's a few of our crayons we made

Then we decided that it was time for the girls to learn how to ride their bikes with NO training wheels! Once we got there Brandon was able to convince Benjamin that he should take his training wheels off too so that's what he did. He loves working with Daddy.

After about 45 minutes we were finally able to get both girls off on their own! Brandon doesn't remember it being so hard to teach him to ride a two wheel bike when he was little, I'm sure the girls will remember it the same way. It's never hard when you are on the easy end of things.

And there ya have it, two little girls who can ride two wheel bikes all by themselves! We still work with them on it of course. We have to get them really good before I'll let them just take off of their own. Hard to believe how fast they grow up, but it's great to see that we are doing such a good job raising them!!! I don't think I could survive without my little ones!


  1. Love your blog, love Italy, I am a blogger too so maybe we share our blogs and our experiences as well:)

    1. I just checked out your blog, didn't realize you were from Australia! I just got back from an amazing vacation there with my Mom. If your interested I'm working on my blog posts for that on my other blog.....check it out (in my profile too). I'd love to share blogs if you're still working on them.

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