Friday, July 29, 2011

Our last trip to Venice :(

Have you ever wondered what kind of boats they have in Venice??? Well, to narrow it down it's easiest to say they have a boat for EVERYTHING! They have the Gondolas for entertainment......if you don't have a good ride at least you can have a good laugh with the Gondoleer :)

Then there's the moving boats, they put all your worldly possessions on a little boat and take it to your house or back depend on moving in or out. Could you imagine if that boat got in a wreck and you lost all of your stuff??? At least if it's in a truck you could probably salvage a bit of it, on a boat, it would all sink!!! Not sure I could move in or out of a house with a boat!

And of course the people in Venice get mail, packages, etc so there has to be a boat for that right? The DHL boat will deliver anything you mail through them. Again, what if it sinks???? But really cool to see :)

And construction??? Really? They can put one of those HUGE tractors on a boat? OK whatever you say. That things gotta weigh a TON and they just had it sitting on the boat and using it. Good or Bad idea????

Of course there's going to be someone doing the whole drinking while driving a boat thing so you've gotta have the police boats. They were wearing black berets which I thought was kinda cool! Our last trip to Venice our boat almost got ran into by one of the Ambulance boats. I guess there is a drive up to the hospital just for those cases. I haven't seen it though so I'm not sure if that's a true statement or not!

They've really got boats for everything. Their TV people, Internet and Phone people, Hotels have their own private boats that come get you and take you back to where you need to be to go home, Personal boats, Rec boats, Fast boats, Slow boats, any kind of boat you can think of I'm sure it's in the Grand Canal somewhere! I'm sure even Johnny Depp has a boat to get to his house he bought there (yup, saw it again today. He hasn't done nothing with it yet though. He must be busy making more movies because I can't see how you'd spend that kind of money on a house on the Grand Canal and just leave it sit there. Oh well, his house!)

These are pictures from the Water Taxi, just a few of course of the ones that were taken but it helps to show what Venice is like (although I've done at least one other post with Venice, probably more LOL)

San Marco square is HUGE! The pictures can't really explain it even. Just massive and beautiful and breath taking and *sigh* I'm gonna miss Italy!!!!

After getting into San Marco square we realized they were setting up a concert. I'm not sure how you would charge money to a concert like this considering you can't really block off the WHOLE square just for the concert. Oh and did I mention that STING was playing! They were rehearsing while we were there, kinda neat! Would have stayed for the concert but we didn't know how long the water taxi's made their rounds and didn't want to be stuck in Venice over night.

I love San Marco square for one main reason, the pigeons! They are super friendly and LOVE anyone who is willing to feed them! This time we took some left over hot dog buns and boy were the Pigeons ever so happy with us!!!! For some reason Brandon's shoulders were the perfect perch for them. He didn't even have any bread!

Bella had them all over her the entire time. She stayed still and they just loved her!

Trinity just freaked out when one landed on her head. Priceless!!!!!

After feeding the pigeons which is always the kids' favorite thing to do, we stopped for some ice cream and some people watching. We heard a lot of English being spoken today! Must be vacation season or something!!!

After walking a ways and eating our ice cream we found the Realto Bridge and headed up and down it.

A view out the side of the Realto Bridge!

I didn't realize how many stores there were in it. With the windows boarded up and the graffiti all over I figured it was just a closed bridge. Boy was I wrong!

It's hard to believe this is our last trip to Venice. It really is a beautiful city with lots to do and see. Even on the way home today Brandon said he was going to miss Italy. But all good things must come to an end right? Good-bye Venice, it's been real great walking your streets, meeting your people, enjoying your entertainment and feeding your pigeons. Not sure if there will be a next time for us or not but I don't think you are going anywhere. Until then, don't change much!!!!


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