Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jesolo Beach

So before I even got out of bed this morning I was asking if we could go to the Beach and of course my hubby said YES! Here at home it was kinda chilly so I really wasn't sure how it would be only an hour and a half away but it was beautiful! Not to hot, not to cold, not a whole lot of sun, not too many clouds, it was just perfect! Being our first time here we had no idea where to park or anything so we parked a ways away (free parking) and walked in to the beach area, awe man, I didn't take a picture of that road, what was I thinking! LOL Anyways, here's some beach pictures.

Yes folks, those are our American Red White and Blue chairs sitting there :) Hey, we're two weeks out from leaving so it's ok to be considered tourists now right!!!

The beach goes on forever....

In both directions!

Even the kids were able to be in the water without us around them too much because it was nice and shallow. They had a blast! Benjamin was jumping over waves like they were nothing. I remember last year when we took him to the American beach down at Camp Darby he'd run from the waves, wouldn't even get in the water! He's growing up....

Bella of course had to find a billion sea shells!!!! And yes, we brought them all home (minus the ones on the sand castle)

Trinity just played with everything, the buckets, shovels, in the water, with the shells, she didn't really do just one thing.

This is the top of our sand castle. Not the best but hey, it's our first time building a REAL one :)

Jesolo Beach, would I recommend it to everyone? Absolutely!!!! Most amazing time EVER! We went on a Wednesday so there were still a lot of people (don't Italians ever work???) but I couldn't even imagine how busy it would be on the weekend. Oh and guess what, we didn't see any boobies today! I was amazed! Figured we'd see a couple at least! LOL

We are going to try and make it back there again since it basically only cost us 4.80 euro (one way) in tolls and we took our own picnic food (like always). Wish we would have gone there sooner, we would have spent a lot more time at the beach!!!!


  1. Jesolo is awesome! I'm so glad ya'll went! We use the pay parking and it's pretty cheap, about 5 Euro. Natalie is a shell monster, too. :D

  2. I can't wait to go too!!! Great photos!

    Nothing but rain, rain, rain in the forecast! I'm getting kind of bummed about it!

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  4. It seems you had a really nice family vacation, congrats! It was a good choice. Did you decide where you'll go this year?

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