Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Christkindlesmarkt

Well, we had another new experience in Italy. It's Christmas time over here as well as it is in the states. I love it! I'm never sure what to expect during the holidays. I'm learning however and since it's almost been an entire year since we moved here, I know what to expect on just about all of them, and what NOT to buy! LOL....
The Christkindlesmarkt was so much fun to see! There were home made things every where. From pine cone porcupines to hand blown glass to homemade food right there where you stood, it was awesome! I thought our craft shows back home had a lot of neat things. I couldn't believe some of the stuff they had here.
They had ornaments galore. Anything you could imagine and they had it.
They had hand painted carousels and village houses that I just love! I wanted to buy each one but we didn't have the money when we went so I didn't even look to see how much they cost.
They had pretty rocks that Bella would just die for! She's obsessed with rocks and Trinity had just broken her pretty one so when she saw these she wanted one of each!
They had homemade candles with fruit in them. Looked really cool.
They had a booth of nothing but hand blown glass. From small figurines to the large trees and church that light up. I was so afraid my kids were going to touch the table! It was all sparkly.
They had an entire booth for nothing but German Chocolate, again I wanted to buy one of each!Santa was also there! The Italian one of course and when we asked how much it was to get our pictures taken with him, he said Dieci, do you know how much that is??? 10 Euro to take your picture with Santa. I'm not sure if he was just pulling our legs because we were American or if that was the actual price but we didn't stay there long enough to find out!

Christmas in Italy, it's definitely different then in the states and I love it! Everyone should experience another cultures Christmas once to see how different it is. If anyone wants to see it here, let me know, Next year is right around the corner!

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  1. I want to spend a Christmas overseas some year. Italy would be nice. Germany would be amazing. Maybe we can work on it for next year??? But who knows with the Vegas trip in 2011 we probably can't afford Italy!!!