Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Husband, Their Daddy, Our Hero

The title says it all. The most important man in my life is all three of those things. He is my husband, my kids' daddy and my hero.

My husband has been mine for almost 6 years now. He has been the perfect husband I could have ever asked for. He is sweet when I need him to be and controlling at the other times. He has encouraged me to go back to school and find a job. He has stood beside me with every decision I make in our lives. He cares about "us" more then just himself and is always finding new ways to surprise me from time to time. He loves me for me, even with all my little quirks. He laughs with me and not at me unless I'm being a complete Blonde. He's compassionate, loyal, loving and means more to me then my own life ever will. He is my husband...

The father of my kids is the best in the world. He loves each of them differently and yet still the same. He teaches them the rights and wrongs and goods and bad's of life. He helps them through their journey of life and makes sure they know he's right there beside them if they fall. When they do fall he picks them back up, brushes them off, kisses their owies and sends them off to try it again. He cares about their actions and words that they say. He reads to them, tucks them in at night and makes sure they know how much he loves them every day. He plays house with the girls and guns with the boy and builds forts for them all. He's the best father in the whole world. He is the father of my kids.....

He is my hero and I look up to him every day. I am a military wife. He's getting ready for his 4th deployment (2nd to Afghanistan) and it's really starting to take a tole on me. I'm the one that stays home and raises the kids, keeps the house clean and the bills paid. But even though I do all those things it's him that has the harder job. He trains all year long just to be able to fight for our country and our freedom. He does what I wish I could have done. He is the best soldier I have ever known and treats his soldiers the same as he would a friend. He loves his job with all the goods and bads. He's seen a lot in a little time and I am grateful that he comes home to us every day. He is known at every installation as a great leader and teacher. He takes care of everyone not just of us. He does everything I wish I could have. He is my hero.....

My husband, their daddy and our hero. Our lives haven't always been perfect, we haven't always had money and we don't hardly get any "alone" time but it's our life and I wouldn't change anything in the whole world. Although our lives seem hard to others, and sometimes it really is hard on us too, it is the perfect life for us. I chose to be with him, I chose to have his kids and I will envy him until the day I die. He's my everything, my world, my life.

Come home soon my love, we'll be waiting for you!

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