Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Another Trip to Verona

We went to Verona today. Yes it seems when we want to do something that is the place we end up going to the most. I love Verona. There is always something to do and see. This time, we just walked around, went places we hadn’t seen yet which was really nice! The kids did great, got a little tired at the end of it but we walked for 2 ½ hours so I kind of expected them to get a little tired! It was also our first big outing without the stroller and that was a great feeling. I can’t believe our kids are growing up so fast but it is nice not to have to deal with all the “baby” stuff anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I love babies, but I so do NOT want another one EVER! Sure I’ll babysit and all that, might even work at a daycare or something, but there will not be another one living in our house again. Anyways, back to Verona, I know I have posted pictures of Verona before, but these are some pictures that I haven’t posted because we haven’t walked/been to this area before.

We found this fountain thing, the kids absolutely love playing in water! On our way back to the van we let them get more wet then the 1st time but it was only to cool off a little. The water wasn't too cold either!

I don't ever get pictures taken of me but today I was feeling kinda pretty so a picture was ok :) I must say, it turned out kinda cute too!

I wonder what is up there??? May be our next adventure.....

I love taking weird pictures like these two. Once we leave here I'm probably going to print these out, write on the back when and where they were taken and frame them in my craft room :)

The locks are there because it's Verona and it's supposed to symbolize true love. You put your lock on and throw the key in the river. As long as it stays locked your love will last that long. We STILL have not done this! But we have seen it in more places then just Verona!

OK this is genius. This is how Italians move in and out of their houses. The truck pulls up to this machine thingy, the platform comes down and they load it up and send the platform back to the top. There's a guy up top that unloads it and sends it back down for more. Genius right? Makes carrying stuff up and down stairs null and void! LOVE that idea!!!

There's so many bridges in Verona but this is the only one that had statues on it. I love horses so I had to take that picture too :)

We told the kids we would see the castle last and then head back to the van.....this.....is the castle!

Looking out over the river...

You can go inside the castle, it's a museum. You can walk all along the top and it really is neat to do all that but with the kids already being tired we didn't want to go through it all. But you should if you make it there. Well, that's our other side of Verona. We are waiting on word of when we are leaving here so I'm not sure what we are going to do next but no matter what it is, it'll be fun!!!!

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  1. Love it! We've only been to Verona once and I'd love to go back. Maybe next weekend we'll copy cat your trip. :)