Monday, April 20, 2009

So I finally started one of these things.....

Yes, Janelle, I started one! Now if I can just keep it updated, probably not as much as you but hey, I will when I can or do something interesting!

Well, to start off, my family and I live in Italy. It's been incredible so far! What all have we done??? Well, we've walked about 100 miles so far. That's mainley because we didn't have a car when we first got here and I didn't want to sit around in a hotel room all day every day so we walked. Where did we walk? I have no idea really. We got lost a lot, but then agian, being in a new place that's the only thing to do is get lost! We also walked all the way downtown or centro of Vicenza. We saw so many neat things down there. They had an open market, which they have at least three times a week. There was everything from china to furniture to dolls. We also saw churches and statues. It amazes me how the buildings around here are so old! Everything looks so amazing and run down but on the inside most of them are nicer then the houses in the states! Other then walking around in Vicenza we really haven't been a whole lot of places. We did go to MSFaro which is attached to a kind of Mall. MSFaro is like a Super WalMart in the sates. Shopping there is so different. It's all really neat though. I'll be taking Janelle there when she comes if she wants to go shopping! Italy is a great place. It has taken some getting used to but we are settling in really nicely. I've had to figure out how to convert everything from Farenheit to Celcius. I'm learning a little Italian. Oh and the driving around here, it was easy to pass the test but they drive like mad!!! It really is awesome here though!

Lets see, other then all that life isn't really much different for us. Brandon went to Germany for 30 days so we are without him for a while. No big deal. If he gets to stay home from deployment this time around then I'm alright with him being gone for a month or two. I got the kids enrolled in daycare. The girls will be going to hourly pre-school and Ben is just going to toddler daycare. He's never really been with other kids like that so it should be interesting! I think I'll take them next week just so they can get used to it. Even if it is just for an hour or so. We are supposed to get our van this week but so far I haven't heard anything about it. I'm going to have to call them and see when it's going to be here. We got all our stuff from the movers. I'm still having a hard time trying to get everything put where we want it. I have no idea where some of it is going to go but hey it happens.

So what have I been doing??? Cleaning, sorting through boxes, taking stuff to the thrift shop for donations, making my quilt, playing with the kids, reading, and more cleaning. Once something interesting happends I'll be sure to post it for ya.....

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  1. I wanna see pics of how you arrange all of your stuff in your new house! I can't wait to come see you!