Monday, April 27, 2009

The rain......

Gosh it rains a lot here. Ever since Brandon has left it's rained. Every day!!! Ya know, I wouldn't mind if it was the "happy" rain but it's not. It's the dreary, sad, dull, cold rain. And it doesn't even come down alot, just sprinkles none stop. It's getting kind of rediculas actually. The kids can't go out side and play, I can't mow the grass, can't go for walks or to the park. It must be the time of year. I guess it's good for the grass and flowers though huh? But they aren't able to get any of the construction done around here because of all the mud.

Rain Rain go away, Come again another day just not tomorrow!!!!


  1. We have sunny but cold weather today. Nice change from the snowstorm yesterday although Spring needs to be coming here soon or we will all slip right into a depression!

  2. Funny, I remember last year it was after the 1st of May when we got hit with that couple feet of snow!!! Remember that?!?!?! My van wasn't very old, I was so mad! The girls loved it though!

  3. We have had that "couple feet of snow" too many times this year. I am over the blizzard season for sure.