Friday, July 22, 2011

Romeo and Juliet Castles

Ok, so I thought this trip was going to be awesome. I thought we'd be able to go into the castles and enjoy the architecture. I was wrong. Don't get me wrong, the view from the top of the hill was amazing and the castles were neat but you can't go in Romeo's castle at all unless they are having a play or something going on there and Juliet's castle is nothing but a restaurant. We went not knowing what to expect and we were a bit bummed after we got there. Here's a few pictures we took.

Romeo's Castle....this is all we were able to see of it.

The small church that you aren't allowed to go into.

The view from the castles

Here's Juliet's Castle, in the walls it's just a restaurant area. It's pretty and I'm sure the food is awesome but with the three kids we were not about to sit and find out.

The menu for Cupido's Restaurant

After walking around the Castles a little bit we went into Montecchio Maggiore (the town underneath the castles) and found a market so we walked around and enjoyed ourselves more then we did at the castles. I love the open markets here, it's one of the main things I will miss about this great country!

So, would I recommend going to the castles??? Maybe if there was a play going on or for single couples that want to eat at the restaurant, but otherwise, not so much. Yes it's beautiful scenery but not really worth the trip with the three kids. We did, however, still have a wonderful day enjoying the warm weather and beautiful sites of Italy!

Another adventure awaits us around the corner.....


  1. I'm so interested in these castles, I'm not even sure why.