Saturday, July 2, 2011

Castle Miramare

I'm so glad I have the internet to look up the "cool" things before we go on a vacation! I found this castle online and thought "How cool would it be to go to the castle, walk around the gardens, have a snack at the bar, see the castle that's built on the shore and enjoy a new experience with the 4 most wonderful people ever." This Castle was amazing! We would have liked to gone inside but the kids weren't really up for the whole being quite and standing still thing so we just toured the outside and took lots of pictures!

The Miramare Park (Gardens) covers 22 hectares of a rocky promontory, which was originally devoid of any vegetation. The reclamation of the site, including the Castle, was commissioned by Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian of Hapsburg, who was to become Emperor of Mexico. He bought the land between 1855-1856. He set out to transform this bare spur of land not only into a garden and an experimental botanical centre, but also, into a place of meditation where nature and art are in permanent communion. Miramare, which is the only place still featuring Maximilian today, mirrors his personality and his passions.

Amongst the Gardens there are a lot of paths and sitting areas. There is a Cafe, or Bar as they are called here, where you can get a snack and something to drink. There are statues everywhere and all kinds of small animals from birds to cats. Castle Miramare is also a great place for wedding photos among the Italian culture. There were two couples all dressed up and getting their pictures taken all over the Castle grounds. Once I saw them I thought they had a GREAT idea! I've always wanted to run around Italy all dressed up in wedding clothes and getting our pictures taken. Maybe one day we can do the same as they did...

Brandon says he's going to build me a Castle like this one day. You think if we build it in the states it would stick out like a sore thumb and become a HUGE tourist attraction? I don't think we could ever get it to be so breathtaking. The pictures don't really do it much justice but the memories I have of Max's Castle will be in my head forever!!!

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  1. Good choice. Really great places for a vacation. good luck!