Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bike ride out the back gate.

Today we decided to take a bike ride. Well, the kids rode their bikes while the hubby and I walked. Easier to watch them near the roads that way. There is a nice gate out of our housing area where you can walk/ride out and in when you want to (hopefully the gate works lol). This first picture is what you see when you head out the back gate, amazing isn't it?

Along that path there is corn on both sides of the road. I have passed it many times and never had my camera but this time I did so I got me some "children of the corn" pictures. My hubby however, would NOT get in the corn for a picture LOL

The bike path has benches after you get down it a ways so we took this opportunity to stop and rest, take a drink of water and pictures of the kids. I love my crazy kids.

We aren't going to get views like this when we move back stateside.....

Awe, I think we wore Benjamin out! He rested his head on his handlebars and peddled his way home. Poor boy!

It was the perfect summer day for a bike ride today! We are still planning on going to the big park and maybe if the clouds go away we can hit up the big swimming pool too. I love vacation time with the family! Living up our last 22 days in Italy that's for sure!!!!

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  1. Fun pictures!!

    And stop counting down!!! It makes me so sad!