Thursday, March 24, 2011


Have you ever wondered how to take pictures of Lightning? I have, and guess what, I figured it out! I can't wait to do it again! It was amazing sitting outside in the warm breeze at Camp Darby and watching the bright flashes in the distance! Once I decided to take a picture of one, I couldn't quit taking pictures! The only reason I quit was because my battery on the camera was almost dead and we still had a whole day of travels to do. So hear you go, Lightning pictures taken by ME!!! :)


  1. So do you hold the bulb button until you get a lighting strike or do you have a lighting trigger?

  2. Also not anonymous, I'm Matt Johnson from the caserma ederle facebook group.

  3. I have a camera that has a 30 second open shutter timer, I push it, have to have the camera completely still like on a tripod and just HOPE the lightning strikes within it's view :) I love my Cannon :)