Thursday, March 24, 2011

Aviano and the Outlet Mall

Ok, it's been forever!!! Brandon has made it home safe from deployment (back in November of 2010) and it's only taken us 4 months to actually get out and see new things! Several things factor into this reasoning....1, we were waiting to pay off most our debt so we had money to go do stuff...2, we have been so busy with both our jobs and school for the kids we haven't had the time.....3, it's just been nice having him come home every night after work (amazing how much you miss that when he's gone). So we decided on our 4 day weekend we were heading out, not sure to where but we were going. We planned on staying the night up in Aviano so we went up there and since we didn't reserve a room they didn't have any available so we spent some time in the PX (which I remember being a lot cooler then that) then we played on the parks a bit and then came home. On the way home we almost died as Brandon says "hey lets check out that outlet mall" while I'm in the far left lane of the autostrada passing two semi trucks! So what do I do, Slam on the Gas and jerk the wheel and make it to the exit only to notice that it's a round about going the opposite direction so I slam on the breaks and slow down just enough to make the turn but send everything flying in the opposite direction. I'm quite sure that's not going to happen again! EVER!!! He wants to see something like that again he'll just have to wait and we'll come back to it.
And you know what, this was the WORST outlet mall that I've ever been too. In the states aren't the outlet malls usually cheaper in some aspects? Like you can go to a Skechers store and you can get BOGO's, or the Nike store is having a 20% off sale or stuff like that. Here, I don't think I saw one thing that was UNDER 100 EURO!!!! Even the super cute kids clothes and shoes were outrageous prices. Everything was way too expensive or our blood so we just looked, took a couple pictures and left.

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  1. so me and my family are moving there soon. I have a little bro and a big sister. I was wondering what is there to do that is fun there? and is the high school good. I am very shy and very nervouse about moving so far. any advice?