Thursday, March 24, 2011


Oh Genova, what do you bring. Never have been north of Camp Darby so this was an experience for us all. The roads were very windy as we made our way to the cost. Lots and lots of tunnels which the kids loved and every second of it was amazing. Once we got to the coast the views were just breath taking. Again pictures don't do any of this justice it's a MUST see if you come out and visit. We didn't go into the Centro of Genova, just went down to the water and played a while. Maybe next time we'll get into the Centro to check it all out.

This is Marble. Real Marble. I know, Crazy right? It was awesome! All over the coast there were huge rocks that had marble in them. We found several pieces to bring home with us. Think we can make anything out of them???

After playing a while I of course wanted to take family pictures of all of us and there was a perfect sitting rock right in front of an awesome view so why not use it right? Would have been great to get a family picture now that I think about it but huh, wasn't thinking about it then I guess.

We couldn't have asked for a better day. The sun was shining, the wind was warm, the kids were happy and we loved what we were doing. I couldn't imagine living on the Upper Western Coast of Italy, seems like a great place to live! Friendly people, crazy streets and awesome views! Will most definitely be going back there some day!

So, What's Next????


  1. Awesome! I'm gonna have to pick your brain for GPS info. :) Here's my blog: Feel free to follow!

  2. How beautiful! I would love to live in Italy for a year or two and explore on the weekends. It sounds like a bit of heaven to me! And that marble? How cool is that? It's beautiful!

  3. Awesome Cassy!! You have wonderful adventures and take gorgeous pictures! I need to learn to just "GO" like you do, lol!