Friday, May 1, 2009

Learning Italian

So, I started my Rosetta Stone Italian 1 last night. They say it's a lot like Spanish so if any of you know that then it's possible you already know some Italian. I do know they roll their R's the same as the spanish language. It's kinda fun actually. I've always loved learning, no matter what it is. It's wierd though, they don't teach it the way I figured they would. I thought they'd start with hi and bye, how to tell time, travel and that kind of stuff. They don't though. They actually start with Il bambino and Le bambini, boy and girl. Anyways, thought it might be kinda fun for everyone to get to learn a little bit of it with me so here's some of the stuff I learned.....

cavallo - Horse
panini - Sandwhich
penne - Pen
una Mela - Apple
il riso - Rice
mangia - Eat (pronounced man-ja)
un gatto - Cat
un giornale - Newspaper (pronounced ger-na-le)
un cane - Dog
biciclette - Bicycle (pornounced bitch-a-let-a)
Che cos'e - What is this/that?
Questo e - That/this is.....

now a couple sentences

Loro hanno un cavallo. - They have a horse.
Loro mangiano i Panini - He's eating a sandwhich.
Loro hanno le penne. - He has a pen.
il riso e unal mela - rice and an apple
Il cane mangia - The dog is eating.
Il bambino ha una penna. - The boy has a pen.
Lui ha un gatto. - He has a cat.
Lei ha un cane. - She has a dog.
Loro hanno un gionale. - They have a newspaper.
Il bambino ha un cane. - The boy has a dog.
Il bambino non ha un cane. - The boy does not have a dog.
Le bambine hanno delle biciclette. - The girls have bicycles.
Le bambine non hanno biciclette. - The girls do not have bicycles.
Che cos'e? Questo e un gatto. - What's that/this? That/this is a cat.

So that's what I've learned so far. I'll keep you all posted and maybe we an all learn this together for when you come visit!!!!

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